Balancing the intimacy and vitality of a store with the careful curation and elegance of a gallery, Marmore Vitrum inspires a sense of discovery, permanence and artistry by celebrating design that has soul, that is timeless yet vanguard, that exists in reverence towards the traditions of master artisans and the raw materials they employ.  

We believe that something special occurs when you allow for space to tell a story—the stories of the objects we choose to surround ourselves with, the memories they ignite, the people who make them and the places they come from. With Marmore Vitrum, we wish to provoke a certain consciousness: redefining what is essential in a busy world, infusing meaning, a subtle opulence—a continuous inspiration for our ever evolving homes. 

We source our objects of choice from artisans, designers and small businesses alike, with the intention to keep these stories and trades alive while maintaining a sense of clarity in material production, purpose and care.